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About Me

I have suffered from insomnia, which is why I understand how difficult it can be for people, and I'm now here to help.

My name is Maki Mirey, (née Tamura) and I am a Japanese native, born in Japan. I’ve traveled to and lived in several countries and I’ve had the benefit of immersing myself in many different cultures. Throughout my journey, the stress of everyday life started catching up to me. It wasn’t apparent at first but because I wasn’t aware I was under stress therefore I did not seek treatment, which led me to develop insomnia for nearly 2 years. 


Not being able to sleep made me curious to understanding how sleep actually works. I became obsessed with wanting to understand and learn everything there is to know about sleep - I had time on my hands after all :) And most importantly, I wanted to help others who are experiencing what I went through. 


My first step was to become a certified Sleep Therapist. I learned how sleep impacts the body and how the body responds and reacts to sleep, or poor sleep. Lack of sleep or too much sleep not only causes poor health and poor mental wellness, it can also increase the risk of death. Did you know you can prepare your mind and body to get a good night’s rest? During my studies, I discovered the general population does not properly prepare to get a good night’s sleep. My hope is to educate more people on understanding the impacts of sleep and the steps they can take to live a healthier lifestyle.


During my studies to become a Sleep Therapist, I learned of a unique technique called "21 no Shugi (21の手技) ", invented in Japan. This special technique is applied during a Dry Head Massage and the purpose is to improve people's quality of sleep. As I learned more about this technique and read about its life changing benefits, I knew this was the answer to helping others who suffer from poor sleep. I immediately enrolled in their teaching academy and flew to Japan. 


The Dry Head Spa Association is a renown institute in Japan for inventing the "21 no Shugi (21の手技)" technique. The institute is fully booked for months in advance and has more than half a million people on the waiting list to receive treatment. 


Today, I am a qualified “Head Meister”, certified by the Dry Head Spa Association located in Japan. I have mastered the technique of "21 no Shugi (21の手技)" and I’m ready to help those who are seeking to improve their quality of sleep and gain the benefits of a good night's rest. By pairing my knowledge of sleep therapy with applying the "21 no Shugi (21の手技)" technique during our sessions, I can help you in so many ways. I’m excited for you to benefit from this technique and to experience a new level of sleep! 

About Me: About Me
About Me: About Me
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