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Client Testimonials

This "Dry Head Massage", what a great and enriching discovery! Thanks to the professionalism of Ms. Mirey, I greatly enjoyed this experience. And given the benefit I felt, I will gladly repeat this session. And I think that, with an adequate and adapted intensity of the touch, this method may prove extremely interesting for people who have had chemotherapy, in order to facilitate the irrigation and hair regrowth.

With my deepest thanks.

Ghislaine Driutti

Spécialiste en Shiatsu, Adhérente S.P.S

I was offered a Dry Head Massage for my birthday. I was a bit intrigued with one as this massage is aimed at restoring sleep. Apparently I fell asleep after 5 min and woke up after 20 min.
This massage is quite different to what I have experienced before, with an effect of pull rather than pressure. It has been an extremely pleasant session and felt as all my tensions were gone.
Back home, I also noticed that my vision was very good the entire evening and had a great night sleep.
I highly recommend this massage to anyone that may have headaches, or anyone in front of a computer for long hours (like me). We don’t realise how tensed our muscles around the head can be as well as the neck and shoulders.
A big thank you to Ms. Mirey to bring this great technique to Europe.

Alain Wenckebach

CEO, Precept Health

From the second half of the treatment, I felt that blood circulation throughout my body had improved and that my body had become warmer, even though she's only touched my head. The pain in my head and shoulders that I felt the night before was gone after an hour. And there is also a visible effect on the face!

The quality of my sleep improved that night, and the next morning, after I woke up, I found that I felt surprisingly well. It's the best relaxation for the body and the mind!

Yumiko Mashita


As someone whose occupation involves irregular shifts, and often long working hours looking at screens, I found Ms. Mirey's unique massage technique very effective in relieving both mental and physical tension. Besides it being a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience, it left me with a long-lasting feeling of balance, and improved sleep quality. Thank you!

Nami Kani
Airline Pilot

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials
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